Rivers Spencer Interiors is a New Orleans based luxury residential design studio and retail showroom. Rivers also designs a furniture collection which is bench made and hand finished by artisans in the City of New Orleans. Growing up in Jackson, Mississippi, Rivers learned the elements of classic, southern design which has served as her foundation in creating her own timeless style. Stepping into a home designed by Rivers is like stepping into both the past and present. You will see hints of 18th century walnut combined with white lacquer, gold leaf, and the patina of antiquity which create an interior that is both fresh and timeless. This style can be seen in her showroom on Magazine Street in her new hometown of New Orleans. She has taken an icon of New Orleans’ architecture – the double shotgun – and transformed it into a jewel box showroom featuring her own private label upholstery line and her own collection of furnishings that she designs with local artisans. Among these beautiful new pieces, you will find a carefully curated collection of 18th & 19th century European antiques juxtaposed with abstract fine art. The finished product showcases Rivers’ style which will always be… Timeless, Elegant, Tailored, Fresh.
About Rivers