New Orleans Artist Amanda Talley

Amanda Talley is one of my favorite New Orleans artists and her work is featured in galleries across the country.  I absolutely love the movement of her pieces and have thoroughly enjoyed her new textile line.  I have used her fabrics in several design projects to provide a pop of color or to add a sense of whimsy to an otherwise classic design.  I love to mix vintage pieces with a few modern influences and her fabric does just the trick.  In her own words, here is Amanda’s inspiration:

Amanda Talley

Artist Amanda Talley

“Painting, for me, is an exercise in the transmutation of light and energy into a three dimensional plane. The reaction of colors and action mark-making are intended to transport the viewer to a realm of undulating vibrational rhythms. Each painting represents my journey to a plane of consciousness that guides my brush and favors circular momentum. I offer my heart and hands to move in tandem with the consistent flow of intelligent infinity.  Inspiration is ever present and universal for those who choose to witness it. To create and to be a creative is the highest form of reciprocation to our creator.” (Amanda Talley, Source)

Take a look at some of her available original art:

And here are some patterns from her new line of fabrics:

You can see how I used her fabrics and pieces in my designs on my Instagram account here.


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Ave Home

I’m thrilled to carry the wonderful furniture line Ave Home.  Based in New Orleans, Ave Home creates affordable, classic pieces of furniture.  What I love about the line is they offer finished pieces and the option to purchase raw pieces which allow you to apply your own custom finish.  This ability to customize is perfect for my design projects since we have the most wonderful finisher in house and a variety of finish options.  I am in love with their side chair options, the classic lines go perfectly in a living room, dining room, or foyer and compliment any space.  See below for a sample of Ave Home products:

We have several pieces in the Showroom on Magazine Street- come by and take a look!


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Marbled Wallpaper

Lately, I’ve noticed a trend of marbled wallpaper online and in magazines.  I’ve always been a fan of beautiful wallpapers and love the recent infusion of this artistic finish.  The swirling lines remind me of Italy and the beautiful hand crafted stationary and paper goods that are popular in Florence and other major cities.  The marbled design adds a sense of depth and sophistication to any space.  I love the idea of using the paper on a foyer ceiling- the perfect design for a small space to add maximum impact and welcome guests into your home.  Painting the trim to compliment the hues in the paper is another way to incorporate the paper into a space and create a harmonious effect.  Here are some examples of marbled wallpaper:

What do you think of the marbled wallpaper trend?


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Closet Envy

Did anyone else see the Kelly Wearstler designed closet in this month’s Architectural Digest Magazine?  The Bel Air home boasts the most decadent closet.  When you see a room like this, you realize that a closet can be transformed from utility to sheer luxury.  I can imagine lounging in the space, taking your time to get ready for an evening out or even sharing a cocktail among friends.  The cabinetry is amazingly detailed and inspired, and evokes a sense of Hollywood glamour.  In the article, Kelly provides additional tips for making the most of each square inch in your closet and the essential elements in closet design.

Architectural Digest

Architectural Digest

Architectural Digest

Architectural Digest

You can see more of the home online here.   What do you think of this closet design?


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Custom Throw Pillows

Custom throw pillows are a component of each design plan and the cherry on top of interior design!  There are so many amazing textiles available to the trade and custom pillows are a fantastic way to introduce or compliment any design scheme.  The eye inevitably is drawn to pillows since they provide great interest sitting on top of a sofa or chair.  Very often, they make a room feel complete by harmonizing an accent color throughout the room or by introducing a new texture to the space.  At our Magazine street showroom, we have hundreds of fabric samples (if not thousands!) and frequently work with customers and design clients alike in selecting fabric for custom throw pillows.  We also regularly introduce new pillows to the showroom that customers can purchase off the floor.  It’s a great way to reinvigorate a space within your home.  Here are some examples of custom throw pillows:

Custom Throw Pillows from design projects and on the showroom floor:

Custom throw pillows available on our website (plus many more available in the showroom!)

Stop by the showroom to see our broad selection or feel free to give us a call to learn more about creating your own custom throw pillows, available in a large variety of shapes and sizes!


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Mirror Mirror on the Wall…

Mirrors are an essential design component to any room. I spend hours sourcing antique mirrors to compliment the historic New Orleans homes I am often hired to design.  Even in new builds, adding an antique mirror provides a sense of patina and depth to the interior.  When adding a mirror to a room, pay careful attention to what the mirror is reflecting.  In an uptown project, I selected an oversize mirror for a dining room to reflect the amazing chandelier above the dining table.  Previously the owner had a sunburst mirror that while it looked beautiful, was a lost opportunity to reflect the showstopper chandelier.  That one change made a huge difference to the room.  Mirrors are also a great way to reflect light and make a room feel instantly bigger.  As a rule of thumb, I tend to hang the mirror four to six inches above a mantle or table.  Here are some mirrors from our showroom and design projects:

We constantly are adding new antique mirrors to the shop and you can view new mirrors online here.


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My House in Social South Magazine!

I was honored that Social South Magazine wrtoe a story on my house for their July/ August issue.  I live in half of a camelback double shotgun, a traditional New Orleans style residence.  For the interior, I selected my favorite white paint color, Benjamin Moore’s White Dove.  Yearning a collected look, I’ve slowly added pieces to my house and invested in art that I absolutely love.  Here is a picture of the article which showcases my living room, the first room you enter as you come in the house.  The Anna Kincaide art above the fireplace is a showstopper.  I’ve long admired Anna Kincaide’s art and was thrilled to find this piece at Gallery Orange in New Orleans.  I selected traditional black and white stripe drapes for the front windows and they compliment the painting beautifully.

Social South Magazine

Social South Magazine

Here are some additional living room shots where you can see the drapes.  To the right of the Anna Kincaide, I’ve framed a series of Alexis Walters art, an amazing local artist who paints the most dreamy pieces.  In the third picture, you can see a series of my beloved Hermes scarves framed in acrylic.  I’ve collected these pieces over the years and love seeing them displayed where I can enjoy them everyday.  In the far right picture, this is the second fireplace in the living room and features a beautiful antique mirror and duo of framed feathers by Kevin Gillentine.

Here are two pictures that did not make it to the article.  In the kitchen, I hung a pair of Amanda Talley paintings that echo the fun lines of the white breakfast table chairs.  In my bedroom, I have a custom upholstered bed and the most comfortable bedding by Lili Alessandra.

I hope you enjoyed this sneak peak of my house and pick up a copy of Social South Magazine to read the article!


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Gwyneth Paltrow’s New York Apartment

I came across Gwyneth Paltrow’s amazing New York apartment online and absolutely love what she has done with the space.  Located in the trendy Tribeca, Gwyneth turned to design team Robin Standefer and her husband Stephen Alesch of Roman and Williams Buildings and Interiors.  The space truly seems to float and shows the power and emotion of a muted color palate.  The apartment is relaxing and serene.  Read more about the project online here and view pictures by Björn Wallander below:

What do you think of the space?


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Artist Greg Gustafson

We are thrilled to welcome artist Greg Gustafson to our Magazine Street showroom.  Greg’s landscapes are stunning and dreamy.  I have already placed his pieces in several clients home and love that his pieces match so many varying color palettes, making them truly transitional pieces.  Here is a picture of his art in a client’s dining room.

Greg Gustafson

Rivers Spencer Interiors, Greg Gustafson art

Here is an eloquent description of Greg’s art and process from his website:

“Greg Gustafson’s landscapes are imbued with a sense of sweeping romance. Small physical details and nuances are reduced to an abstract overview of the whole. Land, water and sky come together as a passionate and accomplished symphony of color and paint. Gustafson begins his paintings out in nature, en plein air. He observes, captures and translates, working quickly to hold the momentary shifts in color and light. The canvasses are then returned to the studio for finessing – brush strokes are firmed up and the spatial structure takes on greater importance. The painting process becomes more abstract and formalized while remaining wholly informed by the memory of original experience. In this way the works become more than representation or abstraction. They become truly poetic.

— Jules Bekker (source)”

Take a look at some of his beautiful pieces:

As you can see, Greg Gustafson is extremely talented!  Come into our showroom to see his available pieces.



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Aline Street Project in Inside Out

I am honored that the Times-Picayune decided to run a story on my Aline Street project.  The fun thing about the house is I worked with the previous owners and then again with the new owners so I’ve come to really know the house and see it come to life for different clients.  This is the first home for these clients and they brought only a few pieces of furniture so it truly was a blank slate for them.  As Leah states in the article, they found me while perusing Magazine Street in search of a sofa.  After selecting a sofa, our design relationship began and we’ve worked together over the past few years slowly furnishing their house.  They have designed one room at a time and invested in quality pieces that will last for many years to come. We are currently working on their master bedroom and I’ll be sure to share images when it’s complete!

Here are some pictures of the house and you can view the article here.  My client sent me some before pictures so I can share with you what the house looked like when they first moved in.

As you can see, it’s come a long way over the years!


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