I love adding a beautiful vanity to a master bedroom or large master closet.  There is something specials about a woman’s vanity as it often holds some of her favorite keepsakes and treasures.  It’s an intimate space where a woman gets ready for her day or a special evening out on the town.  Here are some inspiration photos:

And here are a few of my favorite vanities we carry:

We offer several beautiful accent chairs to accompany your vanity.  What’s your favorite way to style your vanity?  I love to include some cherished photos in beautiful frames, a beautiful lamp, and a stunning mirror.


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The French Library

The French Library recently opened on Magazine Street and we were thrilled to be involved in the design of this darling new addition!  The French Library has an amazing collection of French (and non French) story books and a robust calendar of activities for young ones to enjoy.  In the coming weeks, they will open a small cafe that will feature espresso drinks and fresh pastries, a very welcomed treat for Magazine Street!

For the walls, we painted thick stripes in Benjamin Moore’s Brittany blue and a stunning metallic grass cloth wallpaper.   We created custom throw pillows to complement the blues and neutrals in the design, and used Visual Comfort lighting throughout the space.  For the cafe, we used some of my favorite upholstered bar stools.

I think you’ll agree that the French Library is a precious store (just look at their logo!!) that will be adored by adults and children alike!


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Fashion Illustration Art Class by Inslee Fariss

As I previously blogged here, we were lucky enough to host artist Inslee Fariss this past weekend to teach a Fashion Illustration class.  We had 15 people attend and had an absolute blast learning how to draw fashion illustrations while shipping rose!

Inslee brought several new pieces to the shop, her nude drawings fly off the walls as soon as they hit the floor!  You can view some of her available pieces on our website here or stop by our shop.


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Artist Robert Rea

I’m absolutely thrilled to carry the Art of Washington, D.C. based artist Robert Rea.  Robert studied Art History at Vanderbilt University and subsequently studied art at the Corcoran Gallery.  His art is rich in layers of color and I’m absolutely in love with his pieces.  Here is some more information on Robert and his inspiration:

“Robert Rea brings an energetic quality to his paintings fueled by his love of music and nature. Through honest and lively brushwork, he captures a mood that reflects his musical sensibility.

He creates a lyrical palette and a sense of depth and spatial relationships in each painting by subtly layering carefully chosen colors. Robert Rea’s well-trained eye for composition and color relationships inform his own style, reflecting a harmonious and contemporary perspective.” (Source)

I am excited to use Robert’s pieces in my designs and will miss them when they leave the showroom as I enjoy seeing them everyday!


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Media Cabinets

Television is a part of most families lives and can be successfully integrated into design.  Some designers go to great lengths (and expense) to accommodate and hide TVs by creating custom molding for the TV to fit into or hiding it behind a panel or piece of art.  These can be great solutions in more formal living rooms where clients would like to minimize the sight of a TV yet are less necessary in a family room where watching TV is one of the primary functions of the room.  Luckily, there are many beautiful media cabinets available on the market today.

I recently used the Meredith Media Cabinet in my Aline Street project and placed a Juju hat above to add some interest.  My client liked the versatility of the Meredith Media Cabinet since it’s a versatile piece that can be used in a dining room, family room, or even bedroom.  The Meredith cabinet is covered in a grass cloth fabric and adds a wonderful texture to the space.

Meredith Media Cabinet

Meredith Media Cabinet

These are some of my favorite Media Cabinets we carry and you can view additional options here:

As you can see, media cabinets can be beautiful and multi-functional, easy to transition from one room to another.


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Artist Liz Nichols

I’m thrilled to welcome the ethereal art of Liz Nichols to Rivers Spencer Interiors.  Her art is hauntingly beautiful and adds a sense of sophistication and wonder to any interior.  In Liz’s own words, here is the inspiration behind her pieces:

“Some of my earliest memories are of my dad giving me watercolor lessons. I remember being fascinated by how the colors ran together and believe he instilled in me a love for creating. I was motivated to study art and received my BFA with an emphasis in painting from the University of Mississippi. My husband and I moved to Chattanooga, TN, in 2009 and are currently enjoying time with our ever inspiring baby boy.

Stepping into nature has a way of silencing the mind.  I am moved by the light, movement, and beauty that surround me daily in the breathtaking landscape of Chattanooga. Through layers of paint I am attempting to create a quiet space and express a moment of appreciation and wonder.”

Come by our showroom on Magazine Street to see the pieces shown above, they are even more stunning in person!


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Fashion Illustrations Art Class by Inslee Fariss

inslee 2

We’re thrilled to announce Artist Inslee Fariss will teach a fashion illustration class at our Magazine showroom on Sunday, June 5th from 2-4pm.  Inslee will show us how to sketch fashion illustrations step by step in what promises to be a fun filled afternoon.  To register for the class and view more information, click here.

Register soon as we have a few spots remaining!  Hope you can join us!


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2016 Magazine Street Champagne Stroll

One of my favorite events on Magazine Street, the Champagne Stroll, is this Saturday.  During this fun gathering, shops on Magazine Street stay open late and provide free champagne and appetizers to strolling customers.   Please stop by anytime between 5 and 9pm to see our refreshed showroom and enjoy some champagne!

Champagne Stroll

Hope to see you Saturday!


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Showroom Refresh!

It’s been a crazy week at Rivers Spencer Interiors as we refreshed and redesigned our Magazine Street Showroom.  After closing for a few days, we are officially open again this morning at 10am!  There’s nothing better than the sparkle of freshly painted rooms and the store is looking top notch.  We have several new pieces and I’m excited about the new artists we recently added to the store.  I promise to blog about them soon to properly introduce you.  In the meantime, here is a sneak peak of the showroom and you can view a video on my instagram page.

If you’re in the area, please stop by and take a look!


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Sabina Fay Braxton Textiles

Lately I’ve been loving Sabine Fay Braxton’s luxurious textiles.  Her playful line of textiles with their rich textures conjures up images of bygone eras.  I love how she’s captured the essence of antique textiles within her line.  Maintaining ateliers in both France and Ireland, Braxton also resides in Venice.  In her own words, here is the inspiration behind her fabrics:

“Memories, images and experiences weave through Braxton’s multi-dimensional fabrics, where encrustations of precious metals, dustings of metallic powders, and washes of delicate inks combine in an alchemy that has become her trademark.

Whether evoking the feasts and splendours of Byzantium or the serendipity of a Zen garden, Sabina Fay Braxton’s unique creations are a synthesis of a singular childhood. Since the age of five she wandered the globe with her parents – one a painter, the other a writer – who pursued their passions as collectors and perquisitors in the world of music, dance and theatre.

The great diversity of cultures and traditions in Braxton’s considerable travels and sojourns in the Far and Middle East had a profound influence on her creativity. At twelve years of age, when the family spent a year in Rajasthan and in the Kangra Valley, the comparative study of the schools of Mogul and Indian miniatures dominated her schooling; at thirteen, in Denspar, it was a total submersion in Balinese dance, at fourteen, in northern Iraq, it was the civilizations of Mesopotamia, Babylonia and Assyria; and at twenty, in Japan, it was the closed environment of the Noh that had a strong impact on her aesthetic vision.

Baroque in spirit and endowed with the adventurousness of a Mediaeval explorer, Braxton found a form of expression to convey her rich experiences and impressions. Her extraordinary use of colour, and the remarkable manner in which she transforms, cloth and design, is truly her trademark. These inimitable textiles are concocted and cultivated in her ateliers in Paris and in an ancient mill in Ireland. Braxton’s inclinations find their perfect medium in silk velvet, which affords a luminosity and suppleness of manipulation. The unusual printing technique applied is a personal variation on the mediaeval art of gaufrage. Braxton has baptized “Gilded Gaufrage”, a technique in which the pile is embossed by heated carved blocks, encrusted with metals and stained with inks that create a patinated, iridescent and luminous effect on the cloth that orthodox printing methods cannot achieve.” (Source)

Take a look at her beautiful fabrics:

Sabina Fay Braxton’s textiles are truly pieces of art!


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