Artist Renee Bouchon

We are thrilled to carry Renee Bouchon’s art.  I came across Renee’s art on social media and knew that her pieces would fit perfectly in our showroom and in my interior designs.  I love her expression of color and the palette she selects make her pieces fit with any color scheme.  In her own words, here’s a little more information about Renee and her inspiration:

“Growing up in New Orleans,  Renee found her passion for all things creative at an early age. From constantly attending art classes to the eclectic culture of the city, the ever-present whimsical ambiance evoked her love to create and she’s been doing it ever since.  Many of Renee’s color choices are inspired by life on the water.  She is drawn to vibrant tones but also likes weaving in different amounts of white space while constantly balancing the two.  

Renee’s work reflects a detail and depth that has attracted a devoted following of collectors and interior designers alike.  For Renee, inspiration comes in all forms and she thrives off seeing how a little snippet of creation can transform any given space.  She paints in gouache, ink and acrylic while also exploring different mediums such as oil pastels, charcoal and gold leaf.”

Take a look at a few of her beautiful pieces:

Come by the store on Magazine Street to see Renee’s pieces on display.


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Bedside Tables

Lately, I’ve designed several master and guest bedrooms (and a couple of fun nurseries too!).  I’m commonly asked what to do with bedside tables and thought I’d share some of my favorites with you here.  When selecting bedside tables, be sure to measure your space and know what size will best fit with the available space to the right and left of your bed.  Determine the optimal scale of your nightstands depending on the look you would like to achieve.  It’s becoming increasingly popular to mix your bedside tables (say a desk on one side and a chest on the other) which is a great, collected look.  However, make sure that the height of your selected pieces are in sync, otherwise it can throw the design off balance when one piece is much taller than the other.  Here are some of my favorite pieces and you can view more selections on my website here:

To complete the look, you can find bedside lamps here.


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Debbie Does Doberge Opens Bakery Bar

I first wrote about my love for Debbie Does Doberge here.  They have the most wonderful Doberge cakes and it is one of my favorite treats in the city!  I am thrilled that they now have a more permanent location, Bakery Bar,  in Lower Garden District where you can try their amazing cakes by the slice instead of ordering an entire cake.  The new location offers drinks and food too.  I’m excited to try it out this weekend!  I hope everyone has a sweet weekend :)


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Mixing Metals

A big trend for 2016 is mixing metals in your interiors.  Commonly seen in living rooms and kitchens, this look can add depth and make an interior feel more collected and interesting.  Many people are scared to mix metals in fear that the finishes will clash.  If done right, mixed metals can compliment each other and add warmth or contrast to a room.  For my Rivers Spencer Collection furniture line, I specifically designed finishes that go well with other metals.  My champagne silver leaf finish is the ultimate chameleon, effortlessly matching with gold or silver finishes.

When mixing metals, I suggest picking one dominant metal and one accent metal.  Pay attention to the colors within the room and the potential impact of the selected metal.  For example, if the walls are a cool, light gray, a gold mirror or coffee table will add warmth and contrast to the cool walls.  Here are some great examples of well mixed metals in interiors:

What do you think of the mixed metal trend?



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Artist Carlos Lopez

New Orleans trained artist Carlos Lopez creates the most magical, enchanting depictions of oysters.  I’m obsessed with his paintings and can’t wait to place one of his pieces in my designs.  I first came across Carlos’s work at Gallery Orange, one of my favorite art Galleries located in the French Quarter.  The owner, Tracey Gielbert is amazing to work with and she has a great eye for beautiful art and discovering artists.  Carlos studied art at the University of New Orleans and then further refined his craft at the New Orleans Academy of Fine Art.  Carlos says:

“I paint from life! My art is based on direct observation and meditation through the interaction of space, light, and form. I am very interested in how the human eye sees my artistic interpretations and invite you to explore.”

Take a look at these examples of his pieces:

I hope you love Carlos Lopez’s work as much as I do!


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Preservation Resource Center’s 2016 Shotgun House Tour

I’m pleased to be on the planning committee for the Preservation Resource Center’s 2016 Shotgun House Tour.  The iconic “shotgun” style house received its name for its straight hallways so that a single bullet could go through the front door and out the back door without hitting a wall.  This year’s April 16-17, 2016 tour allows visitors to take a peak inside seven magnificent shotgun homes.  The Preservation Resource Center is a wonderful organization whose mission is to “To promote the preservation, restoration, and revitalization of New Orleans’ historic architecture and neighborhoods”.  I’m really excited about the homes that will be featured during this year’s tour and hope that you can join us!


You can view more information and purchase tickets online here.


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Adding Color to Neutral Interiors

Lately, I’ve seen a lot of designs that incorporate color into neutral interiors.  I absolutely love this look!  Many of my clients want a serene room that as soon as they walk into their home, they feel the stress of their day melt away.  Many people assume that you need to go all white, gray or beige to achieve this calming environment.  However, you can absolutely add color to a neutral space by selecting a softer shade of a color to minimize contrast.  With less pigment, a colored sofa, chair or drapery can be used to achieve a similar soft look and feel.  I’ve had a lot of fun incorporating color into my designs.  The image below is one of my designs where we selected a soft blue/ green color for the arm chairs.  By choosing this neutral shade of blue, we were able to tie together the blue in the throw pillows and fabulous Austin James art on the walls to achieve a cohesive, calm room.

Rivers Spencer Interiors

Rivers Spencer Interiors

Here are some examples of pinks, purples, greens and blues in soft, beautiful interiors.

What do you think of using color in a neutral space?  I urge you to consider a soft color for your next upholstered piece or drapery since it adds a new dimension to your space!



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Valence-ing Act

In interior design, valences are the cherry on top of drapery.  Increasingly popular, a valence draws in the eye and further highlights the window and the beautiful fabric below the valence.  Valences are a great way to add structure and a sense of completeness to the room.  To draw out the edges of the drapery, I love to use decorative tape on the bottom of the valence and on the leading edge of the drapes.  This further attention to detail allows me to pull together the colors of the room to create a cohesive color scheme.  It’s a great way to integrate an accent color as the eye captures pieces of the accent color carefully incorporated in the room.

Valences are very common in bedrooms to add a bit of luxury and block out all light for a good night’s sleep.  I’ve increasingly seen Valences in children’s room with fun edges (such as a scalloped edge) and bright patterns to add a sense of whimsy and color.  Here are some examples of Valences in interiors:

What do you think of valences?


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Easter Tablescapes

With Easter this Sunday, many people are preparing their homes for company, and setting the table for a delicious brunch.  I love this time of year as we transition into Spring and all of the tulips and beautiful blooming colors that celebrate the new season.  Here are some images of lovely tables and decorating ideas for your own Easter or Spring brunch:


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Cherry Coffee New Orleans

I recently tried Cherry Coffee’s new New Orleans location.  Barista Lauren Fink is no stranger to New Orleans as she owns the espresso bar inside Stein’s Deli.  However, she recently opened a second location at 4877 Laurel Street that is an amazing renovation of an old Firehouse.  One of the things I love most about New Orleans is how people re-imagine historic properties and breathe new life into these beautiful buildings. In fact, one of my favorite design projects was a renovated corner store (you can see the project here).  Take a look at the before and after of Cherry Coffee:

The location is nestled in the uptown neighborhood of New Orleans and across from a park.  There’s a small patio to the right side of the building where I took my dog Zeus with me last weekend to enjoy my morning latte.  I noticed they offer a small breakfast menu as well.  My latte was amazing and I’m such a sucker for a good Barista who makes a design in the foam, what a treat!

Cherry Coffee makes a fantastic addition to the uptown neighborhood and I absolutely love the redesigned building!


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