Eight Great Artists to Watch

Sep 21, 2015Filed Under: Uncategorized

I’m always on the lookout for beautiful art to add to my store, my clients’ interiors, or even my own emerging art collection.  Art is innately personal and I advise my clients to pick pieces that speak to them.  If you pick art that you love, chances are you will continue to love it for years to come.  Art can completely transform the look and feel of a room and often reveals the aesthetic and style of the homeowner.  Some clients prefer to co-ordinate their art with their interiors to achieve a harmonious feel.  Others prefer to make art the main focal point and put their collection on stage by introducing a different palette to the room.  The great thing about art is you can rotate it throughout your house as you add to your collection and update your interiors.

Here are eight fantastic artists that I’m currently loving and whose art makes a beautiful addition to any interior.

Mallory Page

Meredith Pardue

Kevin Gillentine

Elise Morris

Sally King Benedict

Christina Baker

Brian Coleman

Anna Kincaide


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