Drip Affogato Bar

Oct 26, 2016Filed Under: Uncategorized

This year, New Orleans has seen an influx of new hotels, restaurants and shops.  I recently had the chance to check out the much buzzed about (no pun intended) newcomer Drip Affogato Bar.  Located in the popular Warehouse District, Drip serves ice cream from Creole Creamery and features French Truck coffee.  Their specialty, affogato, is an Italian dessert where you pour espresso over ice cream.  The space is cozy and sleek and the branding of the store is spot on which is no surprise considering one of the owners, Juley Le, is a popular New Orleans blogger with her lifestyle blog Upperlyne & Co.  During my visit, I tried the pumpkin spice affogato and it was delicious!!!  Take a look at some pictures from Drip’s instagram account of their shop and affogatos:

What a wonderful addition to our city, welcome Drip!


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