Fall Branches

Sep 30, 2016Filed Under: Uncategorized

Even though tomorrow is October 1st, it still feels like summer in New Orleans with our warm 80+ degree weather.  However, with the introduction of everything pumpkin spice in stores, I’m trying to get into the fall spirit as I anxiously await cooler temperatures.  I love the colors of fall when the leaves change color and reveal a rich palette of yellow, orange and brown.  One way I bring fall into my own home is by picking up some branches (either from outside or from a florist) and arranging them in a vase.  I absolutely love this look as the arrangement adds height and drama and breathes life into a room.  I used some branches this past Spring in one of my New Orleans projects:

Rivers Spencer Interiors

Rivers Spencer Interiors

Here are some additional examples of branch arrangements:

We offer several beautiful vases online here that you can use to create your own arrangement.  How do you like to decorate for fall?


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